Update zum Fall Simon Burges

Im August hatten wir über den britischen Lecturer Simon Burges berichtet, dem die Kündigung durch seinen Arbeitgeber drohte, nachdem er eine_n Student_in mit den Arbeiten von Del LaGrace Volcano bekannt gemacht hatte. Jetzt erreichte uns über die Mailingliste des NextGenderation Network ein Update von Del LaGrace:

> Betreff: Re: [NextGenderation] Simon Burgess & Censorship
> First of all a HUGE THANK YOU to all who wrote letters of support
> for Simon Burgess and his use of my work in this teaching practice.
> I have been waiting to write about the outcome of this case until it
> was possible to pass on good news.
> Apologies for the amount of time this has taken!
> The straight facts are that: „the case has been resolved to the
> satisfaction of all parties“.
> What that actually means (in my opinion) is that a compromise
> agreement was reached in exchange for Simon’s silent departure from
> East Surrey College.
> Simon is understandably reluctant to speak publicly, even to me,
> for fear of putting this agreement in jeopardy.
> He has told me to that the letters were immensely helpful and to
> pass on his thanks.
> So he no longer is employed by East Surrey College but last I heard
> he had been shortlisted for a new photographic teaching job in
> the south of England!
> Please distribute freely to other networks!
> Warm regards,
> Del LaGrace Volcano
> _____________________________