Vortragseinladung 2014-07-11: Religion, Secularity and Queer Critique

Achtung! Der Vortrag muss leider abgesagt werden!

Nikita Dhawan
The Empire Prays Back: Religion, Secularity and Queer Critique
Freitag 11.07.2014, 19:15, Allende Platz 1 (“Pferdestall”) 250

Prof. Dr. Nikita Dhawan ist Juniorprofessur für Politikwissenschaft, Schwerpunkt Gender / Postkoloniale Studien im Exzellenzcluster „Die Herausbildung normativer Ordnungen“ an der Goethe-Universität zu Frankfurt/Main. Sie schließt unser highlightreiches Sommersemester mit folgendem Thema:

The past decades have been ones of unprecedented sociocultural and legal gains for queer politics. But these achievements have been accompanied by a severe critique of the imperialist agenda of global gay politics. The employment of gender and sexuality as alibis for legitimizing violence against religious groups, especially Muslims, has opened up fundamental questions regarding the future of queer emancipatory politics.

The urgent critique of Western queer politics within recent postcolonial scholarship has, however, been accompanied by a troubling silence on heteronormativity in diasporic and postcolonial contexts. The sole focus on homonationalism neglects how supposedly conflicting ideologies of heteronormative nationalisms on both sides of the postcolonial divide in fact collaborate with each other. Thus there is an urgent need to pursue a more complex, multidirectional politics of critique that is directed at coercive practices across the secularism-religion divide.

Against this backdrop, my talk will engage with fundamental questions of power, agency, resistance and its relation to the practice of postcolonial queer critique.